24 July 2012

Summer Bags

Good morning, crafters,

I thought I'd send you another progress report before I go to the arts and heritage factory. As you can see, while everyone else has been out and about and finally achieved the first sun burn of this year, I have been locked away behind the sewing machine, and have maintained my natural paleness. The bags are coming along nicely, the ones I am currently pinning down and sewing up are quite big, you could probably fit the complete oeuvre of Charles Dickens in there. I guess at a push you could use the bags for some sporting equipment, such as a few badminton rackets, or even a few children with inflatable crocodiles or real dogs. I am more of a cat person though, despite the allergy.

Anyhow, I am digressing now, and also putting off getting to work.

Here is another progress pic:

Bag progress (3)

I love the green/yellow/orange patterned fabric, which I have recently won on ebay. Apparently I am upcycling somebody's retro camper van curtains. The bags will be lovely. I am lining them with thick sand coloured linen, so they will be sturdy and reliable. Once they are finished, I attempt to take some better pictures. It's too early in they day still to do a proper photo shoot. Also, I need to maintain the suspense...

Better run now, have a lovely day!


18 July 2012

Evidence of Progress

As promised earlier, a pictorial report:

Bags in Progress (1)

Bags in Progress (2)

Animals in Progress (1)

a matter of time. woven label!!!

And that concludes my update for today.

Good night, crafters!


The Impact of Philosophical Thinking

Greetings, crafters!

Has spring really been and gone since my last entry? I wish I could pretend that I have been hidden away in my craft workshop and churning out bears and bags and other wonderful things, but the truth is, I have been musing about the trials and tribulations of life in an extended phase of hibernation. You know, the whole "who am I, where have I come from, and where am I going to" issue. So no wonder that the needles have been idle in the light of such fundamental philosophical questions of human existence. And I didn't even get to the point of debating whether a bear was really a bear...

I have now come to the conclusion, however, that decisive action is needed in order to re-surrect the craft experiments, and have come up with the cunning plan to join forces with fellow crafters/ designers yellow bird hats and project alpha, who I will be sharing a stall with at a market come September. Details to follow in due course.

The needles have been polished, the sewing mashine dusted off, and the scissors sharpened, and I have started to get down to making bags. I shall post a few photos later on- I am currently on my lunch break in my arts and heritage day job, and I have yet to produce some decent snaps of my current projects. Mind you, I am getting a bit weary of the term 'projects', for it is overused in work-speak. The world has become obsessed with spreadsheets, progress reports and such-like. Maybe I will just stick with calling my craft efforts 'experiments'. That has a nice trial and error angle, whilst being rooted in a scientific environment. I like that.

The factory horn signals the end of my lunch break. Back to the treadmill.

Happy crafting!