18 July 2012

The Impact of Philosophical Thinking

Greetings, crafters!

Has spring really been and gone since my last entry? I wish I could pretend that I have been hidden away in my craft workshop and churning out bears and bags and other wonderful things, but the truth is, I have been musing about the trials and tribulations of life in an extended phase of hibernation. You know, the whole "who am I, where have I come from, and where am I going to" issue. So no wonder that the needles have been idle in the light of such fundamental philosophical questions of human existence. And I didn't even get to the point of debating whether a bear was really a bear...

I have now come to the conclusion, however, that decisive action is needed in order to re-surrect the craft experiments, and have come up with the cunning plan to join forces with fellow crafters/ designers yellow bird hats and project alpha, who I will be sharing a stall with at a market come September. Details to follow in due course.

The needles have been polished, the sewing mashine dusted off, and the scissors sharpened, and I have started to get down to making bags. I shall post a few photos later on- I am currently on my lunch break in my arts and heritage day job, and I have yet to produce some decent snaps of my current projects. Mind you, I am getting a bit weary of the term 'projects', for it is overused in work-speak. The world has become obsessed with spreadsheets, progress reports and such-like. Maybe I will just stick with calling my craft efforts 'experiments'. That has a nice trial and error angle, whilst being rooted in a scientific environment. I like that.

The factory horn signals the end of my lunch break. Back to the treadmill.

Happy crafting!


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