24 July 2012

Summer Bags

Good morning, crafters,

I thought I'd send you another progress report before I go to the arts and heritage factory. As you can see, while everyone else has been out and about and finally achieved the first sun burn of this year, I have been locked away behind the sewing machine, and have maintained my natural paleness. The bags are coming along nicely, the ones I am currently pinning down and sewing up are quite big, you could probably fit the complete oeuvre of Charles Dickens in there. I guess at a push you could use the bags for some sporting equipment, such as a few badminton rackets, or even a few children with inflatable crocodiles or real dogs. I am more of a cat person though, despite the allergy.

Anyhow, I am digressing now, and also putting off getting to work.

Here is another progress pic:

Bag progress (3)

I love the green/yellow/orange patterned fabric, which I have recently won on ebay. Apparently I am upcycling somebody's retro camper van curtains. The bags will be lovely. I am lining them with thick sand coloured linen, so they will be sturdy and reliable. Once they are finished, I attempt to take some better pictures. It's too early in they day still to do a proper photo shoot. Also, I need to maintain the suspense...

Better run now, have a lovely day!


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