5 August 2012


Good evening, crafters,

As you can see, even bookish geeks such as myself have noticed that we are right in the middle of the Olympics, sadly, arts and crafts are not yet an Olympic discipline. I think Lord Coe missed out a trick here, personally, but I guess I must have been busying myself in some library or archive when new categories were up for discussion. Maybe I will put a working group together and commission a feasibility study. Expect a progress report from the project board soon.

Having said all that, I do admit to sitting on the sofa with my housemate (and they don't come any less sports-savvy than the two of us) and watching weight lifting (!), rowing, some sort of running event, and tennis, amongst other things, on our ancient 4:3 non-flat-screen, definitely non-HD telly. We did concede that watching such activities can be quite contemplative, particularly for the depressive mind. There is something comforting in the fact that somebody will always reach the finishing line before somebody else.

Staying with the sports-theme for another paragraph or so, I can also report that the significant other and I dragged ourselves across town to the Chelsea Theatre, in order to attend the final performance of Elfriede Jelinek's Sports Play. I thought it was a good effort, but I rather regret that I didn't attend the original production, which by all accounts was a spectacular affair. Ach, well, life is full of regrets.

Anyhow, as ever, I have been digressing frightfully. While a lot of sports-related competing has taken place around the Big Smoke, I have been sitting in my chamber making more BAGS. By the end of the summer, you will be truly sick of hearing about bags. Not to mention the bag progress photos. But I am very excited about them, even more so as it is now official that my dear friend Steph and I will be sharing a stall on Spitalfield's market, 1 September.  More details to follow, I don't want to give out all the details too soon, otherwise you will forget it and then not come by as a result.

I have been going to my personal warehouse of vintage fabrics and managed to complete two more specimens this weekend. I think they have turned out rather well. Here is a photo of the stock I have completed so far:

I have won more vintage fabric on the ebay past week, so I shall be able to extend my colour schemes further over the next few weekends. I have bags in two different sizes so far, and I have just cut out another pattern for a very simple tote bag, which will be the next one to finish.

I love the colours of that fabric, the combination of blue and green is gorgeous, and the bag will look fab with the mustard coloured cotton I have chosen as lining. I will find it very hard to give this one away...

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