20 August 2012


Good evening, crafters,

I have been working away and exploiting myself in my very own sweatshop in North London, you guessed it, making BAGS... It has been so hot and humid, and I have barely taken any breaks (at the weekend anyhow, during the week I am sweating somewhere else), so I am nearing my own personal quota for the upcoming market sale. Together with my lovely friend Steph from Yellow Bird Hats, I shall be sharing a stall at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair at Spitalfield's Market on 1 September: http://www.judysvintagefair.co.uk/events/event/spitalfields-vintage-fair-7/ - It will be a splendid affair, do drop by, why don't you.  In order not to bore you too much with the bags, here is a photo of bear that somehow has been turned into a pin cushion (this has got nothing to do with Voodoo, I can assure you):

But if you thought you'd get away without a bag update- no such luck:

To wrap things up for today, let me finish with something more highbrow. The other half and I attended a screening of Alfred Hitchcock's The Lodger at the NFT last weekend. The newly restored print (unless it was a digital projection, in which case it was obviously some sort of file, not actual pictures on a film strip, but that's by the by) looked lovely, and I was particularly taken by Ivor Montagu's titles, more specifically the ones that featured triangles. I love a good triangle myself, and I was wondering whether I was subliminally reminded of the film when I designed these Christmas cards last year:

I wonder. It also made me want to do some paper, glue and scissors related crafting soon, so watch this space. I might divert from the sewing once the market has been and gone.

Back to the sweatshop now.

Cheerio, crafters!


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