19 September 2012

Autumn Has Sprung

Hello, crafters,

I am writing this wearing mittens and being wrapped in a comfy cardie as my chamber is unexpectedly chilly, on this nice September evening. I have just filled the kettle in order to get my hot water bottles ready for bed. This is part of my autumn/ winter routine as I live in a 1930s block of flats with no proper heating. I find it has been character building. I am prepared for the next oil or gas crises.

Nothing has been happening on the craft front. I have been suffering from post-market craft fatigue. Things at the arts and heritage factory have not been good, so I have decided to take a little break until I come back from a visit to the old country. In the meantime, my mother has started her own craft production (I might do a little special report soon!) and we have made plans to raid her local haberdasheries- I shall be in fabric heaven. I envisage pokey old shops run by fierce little old ladies. It will be frightfully exciting! There has also been talk of instructing me in the fine art of patchwork. So, even though I have been idle, craft experiments still have been on my mind, and I am inclined to read my break as part of the creative process.

Expect to hear more from me in the weeks to come...

Bye for now, crafters!

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