3 September 2012

Market Day

Hello, crafters,

The last week has been such a rush, I didn't even get around to post a proper promotional piece on this humble blog, that's how busy I have been with tidying up the bags and getting it all ready for last Saturday's fair. My lovely friend Steph from Yellow Bird Hats, our loyal supporters (thanks for tagging along!), and I had a good day out in town, but I won't lie to you, it was also pretty tiring, so I have put my feet up for a change. It was a great experience, my creative brain cells have been inspired, and not only have I sold some of my favourite pieces (good-bye, nice yellow/green gigantic bag in the back, whose compendium piece I own...), I have also received my first commission, thanks to my fabulous friend Jenny. Hurrah!

The bears and ducks thanked me for taking them to the city and broadening their view of the world. They behaved rather well, so I might take them on more outings in the future.

That's enough for today.

Good night, crafters!


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